Essential Tips For Selecting A Responsible Wedding Party Bus Service!

Wedding is a special event, and both the nuptials and their parents or relatives are keen on making the wedding experience as memorable as possible. One of the significant factors that you will give priority will be made in the planning of your special day will be transportation. The reason for this is because you desire to leave a lasting impression for the event. After all, you want to make the moment of your arrival or leaving unforgettable. Are you wondering where to start or don’t know much about wedding party bus NYC? Do you need a little guidance to help you find the perfect wedding party bus NYC? We will advise you to consider a few tips when picking out your wedding ride.

While choosing the right wedding party bus in NYC, it is essential to look for a company that is ready and willing to consider your ideas. Make sure that the wedding party bus service has the capacity and capability to offer a reasonable timeline. We have substantial experience in the industry, and we provide the best information and precautionary measures in making your wedding journey a successful experience.

Early bookings of a wedding party bus in NYC make you and your partner get rid of the stress on your big day. With the reservation of wedding party bus in advance will let you go to the extra mile ensuring your wedding transportation has been appropriately managed.

While deciding the wedding party bus in NYC, it is advisable to consider the wedding dress you will be wearing. It will aid you in lining up with your style, personality, and the theme of your wedding. For some of the issues, we offer our expert advice so that you can manage your dream occasion with ease.

In making successful arrangements for your wedding transportation, it is essential to consider the weather on the wedding day. Are you initially interested in an open top car for your wedding transport? Perhaps you might be at risk if the weather changes suddenly! However, we never let you down in any unforeseen situations. We have immediate measures and backups to deal with any unexpected situations.

The size of the bridal party or guests is crucial while deciding the wedding party bus in NYC. It is essential as it enables you to determine the suitable choice of vehicle to arrive at the wedding or reception venue. In addition to this, you can make a precise budget for hiring vehicles. Also, you can decide the number of the vehicle you want to hire and make yourself comfortable.

Do not leave your wedding party bus up to someone that is not thoroughly investigated to be credible.  Choosing your wedding transportation provider by checking their credentials is extremely important. We have an excellent reputation in the luxury transportation industry, and there is no question about our credentials! We feel this as an apparent reason for being security and safety! Would you like getting into a car with a total stranger?  Obviously no! So don’t do this on your wedding day! Ask our wedding party bus in NYC and be confident of our chauffeurs that are drug tested, licensed, and certified!

At NYC Party Bus Rental, we have over three decades of experience providing perfect wedding transportation services all around New York City. For more advice on booking and choosing the wedding party buses of your choice, call us at (718) 674-1815 or (347) 506-1682 today!

Party Bus Service Does the Best to Create Fun And Memories And Get Home Safe!

Do you crave a memorable night on the town in Brooklyn and have a desire of getting a VIP access to the hottest clubs and bars or exploring the splendid city and beyond? The opportunities in Brooklyn are always endless and the journey is yours. While you look for an entertainment and transport options with lots of fun and joy for your group, you can’t stop your thought of selecting a Party bus service in Brooklyn! It is really an ideal decision for offering your group the best food, entertainment and trendy transport options that will truly unforgettable!

If you are looking for a great party bus in Brooklyn, you’ve come to the right place at NYC Party Bus Rental! We provide unforgettable memories of parties and special occasions and organize your event where you can be confident that every little detail will be taken care of! Here is what our party bus rental in Brooklyn can do for you.

Everyone deserves experiencing vital moments in life with a little fun. Our party bus in Brooklyn is here to help you celebrate your special occasions such as a wedding, prom party, bachelorette party, night out, birthday or looking to travel around the beauty of the city in luxury and style. All our party bus in Brooklyn is tailored to meet your desire and needs. Every party we take out on Brooklyn experiences the best service we can offer.

If you are looking to experience something remarkable, fun and different with your group of friends and family, our Party bus in Brooklyn can take you there with ease. We have unique fleets of party buses that are themed to accommodate 10 to 50 people comfortably for your party! Our efficient teams have wide experience and special skills to take care of all your needs.

The back end staffs, the chauffeured service, take great care and pride to provide the best service to make your party successful. Our team is acting as the host and representative of your occasion and completely believes in trust and reliability. With the highest detail and experience, our Party bus services let you feel extra safe from picking you up and having you arrived at your destination and back to your home as well.

Our Party bus in Brooklyn brings together only the best of the best as we are recognized for our best fleets of limousine party buses. Once you step into our Party Bus, you are transported into a moving world of fun, music, lights, and sounds on the wheel. The plush seating, interior hardwood flooring, and extra dark tinted windows create a sense of comfort and privacy.


NYC Party Bus Rental is Brooklyn’s Number one party bus Company that strive to provide the best customer service! We are dedicated to the utmost professionalism and focus to ensure you and your groups have a brilliant time. We’ll even contact you afterward to make sure you had a great experience! If you look for an awesome party bus in Brooklyn call us on (718) 674-1815 today!

Enjoy Iconic Limo Riding At NewYork City With Pocket Friendly Price

All most all people, have a common dream to enjoy a ride in Limousine. It is a pride and adds extra wattage to the social status. Needless to mention, there are huge number of service providers available those are catering such innovative service in NewYork City. It only depends upon you to book them prior from any occasion.

Limo is the right chauffeur for NYC

 NYC  is known as the city which is hosting some of the top billionaires in the world. Most of them have occupied their place in Forbes rich list. Their super rich lifystyle gets a boost from the limos. These are simply make their lives more colorful with a finest luxury experience. Apart from them, NewYork City, receives millions of people around the world each day. They come for corporate event or enjoying the financial capital of the USA. While travelling through NewYork City no matter why you are here for, opting for cheap limo service at NYC, will really make your trip memorable yet full with satisfaction. This is the right mode of transportation from which you can bag reliability, efficiency and professional service. The soul of NewYork will be rightly enjoyed with a limo ride.

Most of the companies in NewYork, provide this service. Of course, you have to spend a hefty amount of money to accomplish this dream. If your pocket is not allowing you to do so and you have limited budget, it will be best to opt party limo service in NYC. These  vehicles are equipped with some of the most advance electronics gadgets, those will make your ride really enjoyable. Plus, you have the option to choose the vehicle according to your requirement from their vast fleet.  It entirely depends upon you that, how many seats and the baggage space you need for your team.

Adding more flexibility to your searching – you can easily locate them from their websites and they are providing service round the clock despite of any type of adverse situation. If you want to change your plan apart from the limo, think twice because this iconic service is available in a pocket friendly price too. This is the reason, you shouldn’t bullied by the flashing signboards and healthy PR exercise by those companies. Find the right service provider and enjoy your trip. No matter, whether you are alone or with your group, all these things will be really great while you are riding a limo in the city.

How To Arrange The Best Group Transportation In NYC?

So you have just been allotted the task of arranging transportation for 40 co-workers from your office to a restaurant to celebrate the year-end party. Do you need some help on how to make sure you have the most convenient ground transportation available for that all-important day? At NYC Party Bus Rental, our professional transportation coordinator arranges large & small group transportation almost every day. Here are some tips from our expert travel coordinator on how to make your group transportation a true success.

Plan beforehand: Start looking for different transportation option as soon as you are allotted the task. Our fleet of 14 passenger party bus, 28 passenger limousine buses, and 35 passenger executive buses get booked in the blink of an eye, especially during the busy wedding season. So the earlier you book the better the availability and the pricing will be.

Provide details: Have adequate information when you call a transportation company for quotes, including a standard itinerary & your overall budget. If you can provide us all the needed information, we promise to work out the most suitable transportation for you.

Compare quotes: When considering quotes for your group transportation in NYC, ensure you are certain about all the charges, including fuel surcharge, gratuity, and any extra fees so you’re not shocked when the final bill comes. Always inquire about the minimum booking needs because some services ask you to reserve 3 or 4 hours, even though all you require is 1 or 2 hours of the ride. However, with NYC Party Bus Rental you don’t need to pay for the extra hours.

Check safety ratings of the transportation company: Safety is important when it comes to group transportation. Check out the safety ratings of any transportation company you want to deal with. We are really proud of our safety & driver training program and we toil hard to maintain govt’s highest safety ratings.

Be open to suggestions: At times, 2 mini coaches make more sense than one large coach when transporting a group that is large in size; It just relies on your requirements. For instance, it may be more suitable for your group if departure times are stumbled.

Coordinating group transportation in NYC shouldn’t be an issue if you follow these above-mentioned tips. Let NYC Party Bus Rental help you with your planning by offering an extensive selection of spacious limos for group transportation. We are best known for our 20-24 Passenger Limousine Bus, 35 & 40 Passenger Party Buses, and 45 Passenger Limousine Bus. To make sure you enjoy convenient group transportation, feel free to book your desired limo now! Connect with us on (718) 674-1815.

6 Exceptional Features of Party Bus Rental in NYC to Spice up Your Occasions

Limousine bus and Party Bus service in NYC are the coolest and trending way to spice up special celebrations, providing a high-end and luxurious transportation experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. A day out, casino trip, tailgating party or a night on the town with first-rate NYC party buses will be full of fun that your friends or family will reminisce for years. Whether you choose it in the form of limo service in New York, party bus rental in NYC or a mini bus shuttle in NYC, a smooth, safe and stress-free transportation will be the upshot.

In NYC, party bus service has become a popular option for private transportation of partygoers, teens, business professionals, etc. It has not happened by chance. Party buses come equipped with many luxury amenities that are likely to add to the mood of the party-goers almost instantly. Moreover, they are insured vehicles offered to party on for late hours without any mishap. As the professional chauffeurs will be part of the party bus service in NYC; acting sensibly when it comes to take your group wherever you want on time in the most comfortable and safest way. There are many exceptional in-car entertainment features to raise the standard of your group ride on occasions including birthday, wedding, prom, bachelor/ette party, night out etc.

No matter whatever occasion you are going to celebrate with your group, party bus rental in NYC assures the perfect vehicle to accommodate the entire group with luggage. Regardless of the design and size of the party bus you choose, the following features will be available.

  • Trained Driver – A professionally trained and attired driver will be in charge of steering to make your group transportation safe and enjoyable.
  • Wrap-around or Quilted Leather Seating – With quilted leather chairs, foamy couches or the wrap-around limo style seating, the party bus in NYC will ensure you premier standard treat and finer comfort.
  • Surround Sound System – The surround sound system enables you to maintain the right volume of music required to keep on enjoying the party inside.
  • On-board Flat Screen TVs – By showing movies, music videos, entertaining shows, or corporate lectures, you can keep the guests engaged even during a ride.
  • Mood Setting Lights – With variable lighting options including strobe lights, laser lights, vibrant disco balls, you can feel the party bus interior setting to becoming exciting enough for a party. Be it dark & dim or appealing laser light, it will help you set the right mood for your party.
  • Wet Bar – The NYC party bus includes a wet bar so that you can have a supply of ice & beer, even in the midnight and middle of the road. The wet bar will serve you chilled beverages for your ultimate refreshment.

The party bus service in NJ & NYC is equipped with every feature that is required to spice up your special occasion. NYC Party Bus Rental offers great deals for prom party bus rental and cheap limo service in NYC. While considering your individual budget, needs, we can customize packages for mini bus shuttle, limo service or party bus service in NYC. To start with a luxurious group transportation in a comfortable and affordable way, call us now on (718) 674- 1815. Our best fleets and deals will make you end up booking with party bus rental in NYC!

Top 4 Party Places For Kids In Long Island, NY

Birthday bashes have deformed into an entity all their own. Each year the celebration is getting bigger & better than the last. But you must be wondering from where to start? Not to be worried! We have rounded up some of the best party venues in Long Islands to please a host of kids, from divas & princesses to tumbling tots and animal lovers. A party bus in Long Island would be your best bet to explore all these below mentioned party places for kids. So, let’s find out:

Adventure land (2245 Broadhollow Road):

Kids will definitely love this outdoor amusement park. The party package of Adventure land entitles guests to 1 hour of non-stop rides in the park followed by 1 hour of foods. These include thrilling rides (pirate ship, bumper cars, roller coaster), and also water rides. For smaller kids, there’re kiddie rides that move at a slower pace. There’re a few menu options and all parties include candy, hats, napkins and a tablecloth – and a party host included as well.

Center for Science Teaching & Learning — Rockville Centre:

Interact with some exotic animals at this beautiful nature preserve positioned close to a picture-perfect pond. Children can tour the onsite zoo & witness indoor animal exhibition, dig up dinosaur bones, go for an exciting trek, or make leaf prints.

Party Bus gives your Kids the best celebrity treatment and help you to reach any party place in Long Island, or any other cool venues in town

KZAM — Farming dale:

Party buffs that are planning to celebrate with a large team; this is the place to be. Kzam can host more than 80 children for exclusive access to its 3-story play structure, complete with 1,000 foam balls soaring in the air through ball blasters, tubes, and tipping baskets. As soon as the playtime is finished, kids can check in the event room to be entertained by the house DJ & finally move to the celebration room for appetizing food & more fun.

Long Island Aquarium — River head:

Children will have sheer fun at the Long Island Aquarium. The party package here includes full-day admission, aquatically themed party ware, a guided tour, and a host. Besides adequate food options, there’re also many party upgrades to pick from, encompassing an image of a sea lion kissing you, an opportunity to nourish bamboo sharks and stingrays, snorkeling adventure, a ride on the Atlantis Explorer tour boat, and fossil digging.

Hire a party bus in NYC and plan a safe and enjoyable journey to any of these above-mentioned places for a fun day out with your kids. Book Our party bus in New York carries all the amenities to make your party transportation a comfortable and memorable one. Call us now for booking.

6 Impressive Amenities of a Luxury Party Bus in the Bronx

Party buses are known and loved by youths for its party on wheels effect that ensures safe, comfortable and fun-filled transportation throughout the party. If you have a group of friends who are a party animal by nature, then you can consider hiring party bus for a night on the town, bachelor/bachelorette or any other special occasion. Booking a luxury party bus in Bronx is all about having fun while enjoying a comfortable transportation. A luxury party bus offers a plenty of features to ensure you have a great time with your group.

Today party buses have become one of the stylish ways to enjoy a stylish transportation when you are planning to attend an event with a group of friends or family or to go for a club hopping. In Bronx, NY, party bus hire has become one of the popular transportation options for a small or large group.

To ensure a comfortable, relaxing and fun-filled transportation, a party bus is fully equipped with loads of amenities, such as:

  1. Impressive Lighting:

When it comes to creating a party-like atmosphere in a moving bus, then decorative lights can make a big difference. Lighting like vibrant disco balls, laser lights, strobe lights and many other types of lighting can add a great appeal to the entire setting and ambiance of a party bus and creates an amazing ambiance. From impressive laser light shows to dark and dim lights of a party bus can enhance your mood and leave you relaxed.

  1. High-Quality Sound System:

To balance the effect of lights, party buses are equipped with a high-quality digital sound system with 3D surround. This high-quality sound system of a party bus suitably complements the party atmosphere. A party bus equipped with a good quality sound system can rock the floor and lift up your spirits. Party Bus rentals in Bronx if booked in advance takes care of everything inside from DJ to Ramp floor to support an enjoyable moment inside a Party bus.

  1. Comfortable Plush Leather Seating:

A party bus equipped with leather couches that are fully stuffed with foam or choir ensures a comfortable seating facility. Comfortable and stylish seating with enough leg space can help you relax and free your muscles. It is always important to consider the number of passengers to hire a suitable party bus, this will help you to take the advantage of its comfortable seating. Party Bus rentals in the Bronx also take care of the comfort & clean seating arrangements inside the party bus.

  1. Entertainment Options:

Equipped with a LED television and CD/DVD player, a party bus provides great entertainment options that will help your group of friends to indulge in what they like such as watching a movie or listening to music of their favorite bands.

  1. Mini Bar:

This one is one of the most important amenities of a party bus, which ensures you do not have to carry an ice bucket full of beer for the night. A party bus equipped with a mini-bar will be ready to serve refreshments. In a mini-bar, you will find buckets and coolers to keep your beer and champagnes chilled during the ride.

  1. Washroom and Luggage Space:

Hiring a party bus that is equipped with a private washroom and enough luggage space proves to be an added bonus. As you are traveling in groups for a destination party or night party, the Party Bus rentals in the Bronx also takes care of the storage arrangements and sanitations. Your party day must be fulfilled with a lot of fun and excitement with nice arrangements.

An exquisite party bus in Brooklyn for rent is one of the best solutions for enjoying a bachelor/bachelorette party or night on the town with a group of party animals. You can also consider party bus rental in the Bronx, NY for wedding transportation, tailgating party and more. If you want to book a reliable party bus service in Bronx, NY, then rely on NYC Party Bus Rental.

We have a wide selection of top-class party buses that are equipped with high-end amenities to provide a comfortable and relaxing transportation solution.

To reserve a first-in-class party bus rental in NY, call today at (718) 674- 1815!