Pre-Prom Ideas That Enhance Prom Party Experiences!

Prom celebration begins well before the actual event for teenagers. They have mixed feelings of joy, anxiety and nervousness. After all, it a big event for them Therefore, many teenagers start the party early to expel some of that nervous energy. Are you planning for a prom party in NYC anytime soon? Then, there are numerous ideas and tips that can help you get out of those anxiety attacks before your prom party. Have a look at these –

Prom Limo Rental in NYC –

First of all, you need to book a prom limo in advance. Why? Because you need to arrive at the party in style and comfortably and nothing serves you better transportation than a prom limo rental in NYC. You can get in touch with a reliable, professional and experienced limo service provider like us at NYC Party Bus Rental. You can contact us at or call us at (347) 506-1682 for immediate response.

A Mocktail Party –

Host a gathering that takes place just before your limo arrives to whisk away your nervousness to a certain extent. A pre-prom gathering resembling cocktail party lets you to be a small part of a formal celebration but make sure to include non-alcoholic drinks. You can serve sparkling water or cider in champagne flutes. Add an assortment of fruit, cheese and crackers to your party menu to have a feeling of a cocktail party. These light snacks will calm your nervous tummies and won’t either interfere with the formal prom dinner ahead!

Breakfast Option for Prom Day –

It is obvious that the teenagers will wake up super excited and in a party mode on the prom day. Therefore, hosting a pre-prom breakfast party with good breakfast can help them satisfy their hunger pangs. And as it is too early to get ready in formal attires, invite guests to come dressed in their payjamas instead! Make sure to build the breakfast party around the theme of prom. Some easy breakfast menu ideas for prom day breakfast include non-alcoholic mimosas, French toasts, muffins, breads, bagels, spreads, breakfast casserole and cinnamon rolls. You can also set up a coffee bar and serve coffee of different flavors, creamers and toppings.

A Spa Party –

Hosting a spa party before prom in the morning or afternoon can pamper the guests and prepare them for their big night. Arrange a gathering of teens at a salon or you can also book a stylist to provide home service who can help the teens in their hairdos, makeup, last minute haircuts and manicures.

A Photo Booth –

Taking pictures before the prom can boost up the confidence level of the teens to a great extent. Formal poses and candid shots both make the photo shoot fun and enjoyable. It will definitely alleviate their nervousness and create a fun atmosphere!

With these few pre-prom ideas teenagers can enhance their prom night experience. Have a happy prom!

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